How Did I Quit Smoking? Essay

886 Words Apr 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult and tough tasks I had assumed before when I was a chain smoker. Now that being done, it seems as there is nothing hard now to quit smoking. I had started the smoking for the pleasure and enjoyment with my friends and later realized that it would damage my personality. It gave me really tough time to quit smoking and my body was not fully prepared for it. However, today I strongly believe everything is possible in the world if one has strong motives and determination. One of such things is smoking. So, I describe how I became addicted to smoking, how it affected my life and how I was successful in quitting this dangerous habit.
It was a light rainy day of the spring when I had gone to river with my friends. We enjoyed a number of activities there, such as, swimming, boating, hiking and cooking at the river. I went alone at the river to far distance and collected a huge heap of dry wood. I bought it to the place where we had gathered. Finally, the meal was ready and we started doing lunch with much tasty food. Some of my friends started smoking after the lunch. I was not smoking at that time. However, they invited me to just check the taste of smoking. I took one cigarette from my friend and put it into my mouth. It amused me a lot with pleasure and joy. Upon return to my home, I bought dozen of cigarettes. My friends had told me that smoking is not bad if one chooses high quality cigarettes made up of high…

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