How Did Elvis Presley's Impact On Domestic Life

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The rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union heightened tension and affected domestic life in America. Suffering through poverty, Elvis Presley’s route to success was a prime example of the hardships to achieve the American Dream. Although Elvis Presley was a world renowned rock star, the Cold War impacted his and every American's life regardless of who they were. Although he is often neglected when speaking of the subject, Elvis mattered a lot on both sides in the Cold War. The Cold War impacted domestic life through creating financial instability, sparking the youth rebellion and boosting nationalism in all of America. As every star must go through hardship in order for it to shine, Elvis Presley was no exception. Before his triumphant success Presley struggled through poverty in a time where segregation was still present. Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Although he had poor and uneducated parents, Presley had high aspirations and actions quite different from everyone else (Pendergast 106). Although they did not know it, their son was the future secret weapon of the Cold War for America. Presley’s father made $38.50 but still had …show more content…
It had become common to see poverty in everyday life. America had just given birth to a world changing generation of youth that learned to connect to stars such as Elvis Presley. Presley's announcement of being drafted in the war caused a wave of nationalism throughout the nation as the war had now become a part of domestic life. Due to this, being drafted was not surprising even when it came to Presley. However, like every American Soldier that stepped onto that battlefield, Elvis also had to give up one thing or another. Presley is just one personification of the American Dream but due to the Cold War there were many similar stories, as the Cold War had given both tears and spirit to those of the American

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