How Depression Affects People Lives By Having Problems At Home

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Depression impacts people lives by having problems at home, stressing out of work, lots of money, divorces, bullying, relationships, school, dislike your body image, lots of attention, unhappy with money (rich people), social media, low self esteem, sexual abuse, or harass. Many people can’t control it because when you’re depressed it can feel like no one can’t really understand. You cry into tears and don’t know what to do anymore that’s when people think about suicide. You feel like it’s the end and no one can help you. Depression can be a sickness and emotionally.

Depression can take away your life little by little and your happiness. It can also harm your body and change your mind of point of views towards everything. People over think about everything and can loose their sleep, eating less, and make you stop doing activities that you like. You may also have thoughts of losing your life. Depression can lead you to do drugs, alcohol, and changes of behavior.
More than five percent of Americans suffer from clinical depression at any given moment. Many famous people have struggled with clinical depression including the President Abraham Lincoln, Journalist Mike Wallace, Comedian Rodney Dangerfield, Poet Sylvia Plath, Statesman Winston Churchill, Artist Georgia O’Keefe, Actor Rod Steiger, Writers William Styron, Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, and Mark Twain.
Depression is a sickness and mental illness that carries on with everyone. Neurotransmitters carries messages from…

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