How Cyber Bullying Is Becoming More Common Among Adolescents Essay

2366 Words Sep 3rd, 2014 10 Pages
It is important for us to recognize the issues that are currently facing the youth of today, as it is our job to understand the environmental factors that may influence a person’s wellbeing. Cyber bullying is becoming more common among adolescents and is now even seen in young children. There are many different causes and reasons for Bullying including social determinants such as interpersonal, school community or even policies and all of these can lead to a child becoming a bully or victims not reporting it. Even though everyone knows that cyberbullying exists and is a big problem for people, in particular teenagers, most do not realise how common it truly is. Researchers have done many surveys of teenagers to discover just how many people fall victim to cyberbullying and unfortunately most do not realise that the number who do is incredibly high. With so few people realising how common it really is, or that it is even happening to their child, most children are lost and have no idea where they can get help, meaning many children go on not realizing that there are so many places out there that offer them the help they need.

Cyber Bullying is the use of technology; particularly social media to bully an individual or group of people (Cyber Smart, 2014). This can involve Spreading gossip, or sending cruel videos/messages to the victim. Cyber bullying defers from ‘normal’ bullying in that firstly; it is through technology and secondly (and possibly most importantly) it can…

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