How Conflict Can Be Appropriately Channeled Essay

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For better or worse, every relationship has some degree of conflict. While conflict, in and of itself, can be very productive, conflict largely seems to carry with it a negative connotation. For this reason, some try to avoid conflict at all cost, and if conflict is embraced and directed as a means to an end, it can prove quite useful. Whether in the workplace or in a home setting, the manner in which I approach to conflict dictates the quality of relationships I share. This reflective essay will hopefully serve to give examples, as to how conflict can be appropriately channeled; also, this essay will highlight some reasons conflict is viewed negatively. Personally, I flex most of my conflict approaches in the workplace. In the grocery business, there is a clearly defined hierarchy of staff, management, middle management, upper management and senior leaders. As an Area Manager, I am caught between the management personnel (Store Managers) and upper management (District Managers), and so in many case I facilitate as the go between. However, my role also includes split level functions, meaning I have plenty of interaction with hourly team members, and on occasion interact with Senior leadership for various projects or updates. Needless to say, there are a litany of relationships in any given day, which need to be approached in a variety of unique ways.
Team Members: My role as an Area manager puts me in a different store every day. As a result, I see dozens of associates…

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