How Communication Is Important? Essay

734 Words Apr 28th, 2016 3 Pages
In life communication is very important, without it communicating with others would be a rather difficult task. Learning how to communicate in a professional manner is a vital skill to have because, communicating well shows other that you can express your ideas in a well-structured manner and that you’re confident about what you’re saying. The things that I have learned this semester about communication skills are; make eye contact while speaking, have a loud voice, be confident, use hand gestures if necessary and be detailed but concise when expressing you’re ideas. Making eye contact while communicating with other people or while in an interview is very important because it shows the person that you are paying attention and that you have an interest in what he or she is speaking about. Having a loud voice is great for many reasons, it shows that you are confident and that you are eager to get a message across to the audience. When speaking to other people don’t just stand there like a statue use hand gestures and move around if you have to, so that the person knows that you’re listening and alive! Lastly, when expressing an idea in an interview or to a person try to express your ideas in a detailed and concise manner. All of these communications skills that I have discussed were used in our class, for example, in our personal pitch video we were supposed to show how we would present our personal pitch in a concise but detailed manner, also we have to be confident when…

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