Essay on How College Can Be A Very Stressful Thing

1128 Words Jun 10th, 2015 5 Pages
Applying to college can be a very stressful thing, but while watching the video about how to hack college admissions it gave me great tips and advice on how to get through it with little to no stress. Before I thought applying to college to get into one of the best schools you need to have the best G.P.A. the best S.A.T. score, and you need to be a part of many clubs and organization. I also thought about what I need to do in order for that one school that I really want to go to, will want from me so I can attend their school. After watching the video I realized that my thought process on getting picked to go to any great college was wrong and it can cause major stress. Since I started high school I always wanted to do anything that I need to in order to attend Stanford University in California. I am in love with this school, so I always tell myself I need to get a really high G.P.A. I need to get a really high S.A.T. score. I need to be a part of many clubs and organizations. I just kept telling myself this and many times I ask myself what if I don’t get in? What if my G.P.A. is not high enough? What if My S.A.T. score is not high enough? Do I need to join another club? What if I don’t get a scholarship? I keep asking myself these questions and I keep worrying about the simple things. I finally realized after watching this video that I should not just be focus on this one school who may just not even look at my application. I should do those things for me and I…

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