How Clinician Needs Impact And Effect Efficiency Levels On A Small Outpatient Mental Health Agency

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This study focuses on how clinician needs impact and effect efficiency levels in a small outpatient mental health agency. By identifying and understanding what is working well within DQS Agency and what is in need improvement, it is the hope of the researchers that clinician needs can better understood in relation to agency efficiency. The effect that strengths based and empowerment theories have upon clinician efficiency are also examined in relation to the study, with the belief that higher levels of clinician empowerment will correlate with better agency efficiency and effectiveness. It is the researcher’s design that through methodological assessment of both the agency strengths and weaknesses, as identified by DQS clinicians, a more cohesive evaluation of current agency effectiveness can be established and utilized as a baseline for further studies.
When working within a mental health agency, it is important to be aware of both the agency 's strengths and weaknesses, in order to continue to improve efficiency. One way of doing this is through the utilization of a needs assessment. In reference to using a needs assessment, a “need” defined as a gap between “what is” and “what is desired” (MITRE, 2007). The assessment functions as a systematic approach to study the state of an organization’s knowledge, abilities, interest, and future goals (McCrawley, 2009). The needs assessment is a way to improve the effectiveness of an organization in relation to its…

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