Essay on How Cars Have Changed From Their Early Years

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More Than 4 Wheels

Trucks, buses, SUV’s, mini vans, or smart cars have all played a major role in the topic of transportation. They are get passengers to their requested destination in the fastest way possible. Yet, most people are unaware of the true meaning of vehicles as well as their purpose. They are their own cultural artifact, exhibiting their different qualities to the people who own them. The way they are perceived in commercials helps expose the different qualities to the public eye. No vehicle is the same, creating different experiences for the people who choose to take the ride. Both the meaning and purpose of vehicles has changed from their early years to present time. The way cars were perceived back in the 1950’s, was completely different than today because in those times, commercials weren’t as popular. As most people know, the 1950’s was a time period were technology wasn’t as prevalent as it in 2016. Car first became popular in the 1900’s and were only purchased by the wealthy. At the same time vehicles became more of a necessity, technology in the world started to boom. The addition of commercials and other aspects of media play a major role in the purchasing of vehicles. Different commercials have different appeals to their viewers, meaning every person has different qualities, depending upon the fluctuating social flows of our society. The Lincoln car company utilizes the media to show that their line of cars is masculine. Famous actor…

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