Essay on How Can You Save Your Relationship?

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How to save your relationship
7 Relationship deadly sins
Communication, Sex, Money, Not prioritizing relationship, Conflict, Trust, Expectations (Struggle home chores)

Who should read this book? Anyone who had relationship problems knows someone who is having issues with a significant person in their lives or if you are trying to avoid present or future problems with someone, you want to keep in your life. My inspiration to write this book was my own failure to get closure in past relationships due to the lack of understanding of what went wrong. By understanding the main causes, I have been able to avert emotionally scaring situations in my own life and the life of others. There is a great benefit to listen to the advice provided in this short book and to pay close attention to each situation because this can be you.

The 7 relationship deadly sins are a comprehensive article that can aid you to understand the most frequent attitudes notorious for corrupting relations and ways to repair them before irreversible damage is done. A series of stories go along with each of the seven relationship killers to build easier comprehension of the material. The characters are fictional; however, you must consider that each story has remarkable similarities to real life. Some aspects of the stories may have parallels to your own experiences. If you are experiencing something similar already, do not worry, there might still time to find a solution. Also included are universal early…

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