How Can You Overcome The Problem? Essay

1002 Words Sep 26th, 2016 5 Pages
Have you ever wondered why we find too many young people drinking, smoking, or taking drugs? It is really hard to tell what their problems are, but you can definitely know that there’s something about themselves that they want to forget or leave behind. In life, there will always be problems, but it’s up to you how to handle them. You might even try to look for a guilty person, when there’s none. So, how can you overcome those problems? Is there any secret to help you become stronger? Well, I don’t really know if there’s one, but what I can do is share my story with you.
I’ve always had this idea that a problem isn’t a problem unless you make it. Perhaps you’ll be wondering what this means. Well, there’s tons of problems everywhere, every place, and every time. There might be problems, but there are also solutions, and if you can find one fast enough, there’s nothing to worry about. When I was a nine years old, my parents got divorced. Yeah, I know. It’s the same old boring story over and over again, but not going to write nothing depressive at all. I’ll just provide with a couple of tips on how a problem didn’t turn out to be a problem. I had a really nice childhood, and if I were to describe it in two words: THE BEST. I bet that no one broke a knee trying to ride their new bicycle during Christmas time, nor got sick with chicken pox by your beloved crush on the last day of school, or even worse, rode a giant stuffed giraffe in the store and get banned for a month. I was…

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