How Can We Say Justice Is Served By Executing Someone 's Beloved?

1570 Words Jan 12th, 2016 null Page
How can we say justice is served by executing someone’s beloved? A man may take another man’s life but who are we to say he should be beheaded? Life is not fair, no one wants to see a killer living when our loved ones are gone but we must not forget that they are also someone’s beloved. No man should have the power to decide another man’s life or death since everyone is equal. Execution is not only cruel but can also lead to killing an innocent man, and it costs millions for one death penalty and sometimes put innocent’s life at risk, more importantly there is no taking back once it is done. It is cruel to kill an animal, it is even crueler to kill your own kind because we are supposed to protect our own kind. Whenever we hear about a man taking someone’s life we complain how bitter it is and we cursed the man. For example, when there was a shooting at a church, in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015, I read people’s comments on social media and everyone complained how awful it was and hated on him, understandable. We want to kill the murderer because what he did was an inhuman thing to do but we never think about how his family would feel. He is a monster for everyone, if we take his life then are we not also monsters for his family? Executing a killer is revenge, not justice. Furthermore, execution is unearthly and brutal way to go to the next life. Raphael Holiday was executed recently in Texas, Holiday told The Associated Press that he was not afraid of…

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