Essay about How Can We Improve Our Daily Lifestyle Habits?

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I believe that knowing the impermanence of Earth us humans have and extreme obligation to find and explore habitable worlds out side of Earth. Furthermore, impermanence is the decline or depletion of a mental or compounded object(s) during a continuous change in condition. Humans have not only destroyed our home planet we have depleted it to where will will not be about to sustain life in the future. Therefore, I feel that it is really important to find ways to improve our daily lifestyle habits or to even explore other worlds around us that would give our future generations hope of existence.
We have already explored beyond the earth to see if the other planets have sustained life in the past or if they can sustain life in the future. We have done so through space exploration. We have searched for water, atmospheres, temperatures, surfaces, and so on. For example, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter’s Moons, and Saturn’s moons.
Mercury is not considered a planet to be able to sustain life, although it is a bigger planet. Mercury is too close to the sun, it is very hot, very dry, and it also has little atmosphere.
Venus also can not sustain life like Earth. Venus has almost no water vapor, its atmosphere is
100 times as massive as Earths making the atmospheric pressure 90 times greater than that of
Earth’s. Venus’s atmosphere is 96.5% carbon dioxide. Which acts like a green house gas. The average temperature is 460 degrees Fahrenheit, which is due to being 28% closer to the Sun…

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