How Can The Struggles You Face During Your High School Years Make An Impact On Your Life?

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How can the struggles you face during your high school years make an impact in your life?
Growing up is a part of life, but when you have to grow to be an adult your senior year that may be too soon. That was the case I had to face my 2010-2011 school year while attending McGavock High School. That year I learned how to become independent, mature and str

To begin with, learning how to become Independent was a necessity at that point in my life. I still remember as if It was yesterday when I moved in with my high school friend. I knew had to go live in a place where going to school was going to be easy for me. I had no where else to go and she was kind enough to take me in her Apartment with her family. I did not even have luggages or a car. All of my clothes were packed in plastic bags. I would always wake up early to ride with my friend to school. As week’s passed I knew I had to pay bills at some point. Therefore I obtained a full time job to support myself. I felt like I was an adult living in a child 's world because I was still underage. I was not able to get a car and finding rides to work was always hard. My Manager was always willing to take me home after work. The hard part was getting from school to work, Or to better say just work in general. I learned how to become Independent,I knew what I was missing in life and as I grew older I was able to prove myself how Strong I was by providing myself with those personal needs I never…

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