Essay about How Can Language Be Revered By Society?

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Polyglots tend to be revered by society. They’re masters of many languages, able to comprehend the speech of different countries and cultures. As you stand there, listening to the trained tongue of a polyglot listing off language after language that they have in their arsenal, your eyes begin to glaze over from the continuous rhythm of their words, lulling you to sleep. You fool! How could you fall asleep? Wake up! They have the ability to speak six or more languages, and here you are, you average monolinguist, falling asleep to their greatness. Oh, but I’m so inspired, you say. I wish I knew six or more languages. I’m going to work harder in Spanish/French/German/other-language-offered-by-my-high-school-that-I’m-required-to-take. And you do. For a week. Or a month, if you’re feeling extra disciplined. But you eventually stop putting effort into studying that language, possibly due to stress, difficulty, lack of time, and/or prioritization of other studies. There’s always an excuse.
Now, you’re not actually an average monolinguist. You know enough Chinese to have conversations with your parents and relatives in their native tongue, and all that French you took from middle school to high school wasn’t for nothing either. I mean, you were pretty excited when you went to France and bought that ham sandwich despite the fact that the shop owner totally knew you were a tourist and spoke to you in English. But I don’t know if I can say that you are trilingual or even bilingual…

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