Explain How To Know A Child Is Learning Essay

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Jazlyn Cartagena Research Paper #1 SSY105-

How Can a Teacher Know a child is learning? Learning involves certain aspects in which have to be met in order to understand if a child is learning. It isn’t an easy role as a teacher to build lessons and make concepts in relation to society as well as every child’s outside life to ensure they are learning. A teacher’s job is equivalent as presenting a project for a class, you want your peers to understand you in every possible way, but How do you know if they are really understanding you? which also relates to how can teachers know if a child is learning? Children tend to nod their head and say yes when teachers ask questions, some may do it just because everyone else is doing it or because
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Learning has to do with the knowledge acquired. Children go through a lot of learning as they grow up, not only in school as everyone thinks learning take place . but at home with parents, mentors, afterschool programs etc. Academia has to be taken into the outside world not only just in school that’s a way in which we acquire more knowledge. Prior to teachers making lesson plans to ensure their students are learning a connection has to be made whether it is physically, socially or mentally. For example, a teacher who is a teaching a first grade classroom or any elementary school classroom needs to give examples, like physical examples just because children tend to learn more as they see things visually. A teacher can relate lesson plans more into the children’s outside world and society in which we are living in to ensure they are learning. For instance, “technology” is the new trend more and more young children are adapting to the technology world, as a teacher creating lesson plans that involve the students to participant on the board like a smart board, they will learn faster. What child learns in relation to their environment and at home is what they believe in. Locke believed children don’t think like adult or elderly people for the simple fact they have like a blank mind therfore it is harder when they learn. “He noted that although most of a person’s knowledge comes from the environment, a person also …show more content…
Teachers can examine those who have acquire some knowledge in relation to those who haven’t. Prior to my observation fieldwork I observe a first grade classroom and from helping around with anything the teacher needs I can tell those who actually learn. the ones who learn put in the effort they do their homework they read at home etc. For example, at my observation classroom The teacher starts off the day by telling the students to copy their homework, next she goes over the homework with the students. While I walk around and corrected the mistakes the students made. Many children do the homework but some did not, those who did are the ones who were more knowledgeable in what the teacher was teaching the others were just learning it. However, since the teacher creates the same routine in the morning and the students follow it and see it every morning is a sign of what the students have learned over time. The way those students are able to do their homework and bring it to class gives the teacher a sign of what they have learned. Also she can tell apart the ones who take ownership and responsibility of what needs to be done. When children see things over and over they sort of adapt to it and make it a routine for themselves, as they grow older. It is all about the stratergy of practice in this sense a teacher can determine the ones who are learning and who are not

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