How Cal Experiences and All the Difficulties He Has to Face Makes You Feel Sympathetic Towards Him

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During the novel ‘CAL’ written by Bernard Maclavery that takes place in Northern Ireland. The young Irishman Cal lives with his father Shamie who are both catholics. They live in a town near Belfast in which mainly Protestants live. Cal's mother died when he was 8 years old.Cal faces many hardships and life difficulties throughout. Maclavery uses ways in which we feel the innocence of Cal and that we feel sympathetic towards him.
The book first introduces his relationship with his father. Shamie, who works in the local abattoir. Maclaverty displays the arrogance and stubbornness of Shamie towards the Protestants. Even though he and Cal receive many of letters of threat, he still refuses to move out off the street, even if it
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Maclaverty makes this very clear by Call Saying ‘I’m only driving.” Cal has always been pressured by Crilly in school at an early age. Crilly had beaten up a younger boy which Cal did not agree with, but Cal still felt guilty. If Cal did not follow by Crilly’s side and agree with him, he would be the one getting tormented and Cal had enough going on already. Since Cal gets controlled by Crilly, it shows us Cal’s vulnerability. He is in this position that he wants to get out, but cannot as he keeps getting dragged back in and he will then be the enemy. Cal tells Crilly that he does want out, it then shows us that Cal just wants to get away from it all even with the consequences and you then feel sorry for him as he can simply cannot get away. Maclaverty does this on purpose to show just how trapped Cal is and how he can be taken advantage off. Another great problem that is facing Call is guilt. Guilt of driving Crilly to a house for Crilly to commit a murder. Cal was oblivious that he would enter that house again. Cal constantly reminds himself of that night and it Maclaverty displays this by using his nightmares to show us how much it effects Cal. He also has guilt about the boy, him and Crilly had beaten up as it was two against one. Maclaverty does this technique to show the strain it has on Cal and how he is always thinking about

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