How Breastfeeding Gives A Good Idea About Why Some Mothers Bottle Feed Or Breastfeed?

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Researching different situation’s that pertains to breastfeeding gives a good idea about why some mothers bottle feed or breastfeed. This is very interesting because some people do not know what or why a mother chooses to do either or. Nowadays, everyone has an option without researching why. For a mother to be able to breastfeed in public without feeling uncomfortable would be a great thing. Mothers bonding with their babies is natural. So for mothers, this is very important and a stress reliever. Many people talk about the money, health, issues, why, why not, and harassment. This paper is very important because there so much is going on in regards to this issue. Mothers need to come together to fight for the right to do so. There are laws in place for mothers who breastfeed, mostly everywhere in the United States. A mother should not have to worry about what people think. Breastfeeding have a lot of good outcomes but bottle feeding is not bad either.
There are different reasons why a mother make her choice to breastfeed or bottle feed. Based on certain situations, mothers may not be able to breastfeed. For example, their culture might have them go through different guide lines. There are even laws in place for mother who works. This is very important because you must keep your breast milk flowing or it could become an issue. This paper will start off with how breastfeeding can benefit your baby. The second step will be about breastfeeding feeding versus bottle feeing.…

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