How Boomers Have A Disposable Income Essay

800 Words Oct 25th, 2015 4 Pages
Baby boomers, which include those born between 1946-1964, are often dismissed by advertisers. Boomers are seen as being complacent with the items they already have and rarely make new purchases. While boomers may not be impulsive buyers they are heavy spenders. According to a 2013 survey performed by, Prosper Insight and Analytics, nearly fifty percent of internet user boomers purchased electronics and clothing after comparing prices online. This shows that they are conscious spenders, but spenders none-the-less. There are however, companies that understand the spending power of boomers. These companies spend nearly fifty percent of there advertising budget geared towards them. They understand that boomers have a disposable income that gives them power within the market. Boomers, unlike millennials, prefer to learn about products in a more organic way. Since boomers did not grow up on technology, print media is there favorite form of medium. After speaking with Patricia Sanders, a 55 year old business woman, she stated that she enjoys looking for deals on items in magazines and newspapers. If she was unable to find what she was looking for in print then she would research online prior to buying. When making in store purchases, boomers are more likely to buy if they receive excellent customer service. Ms.Sanders stated that if she received poor customer service she is less likely to make a purchase. Boomers see shopping as an experience and if that is experience is not a…

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