Essay How Books Should Be Stored Electronically

1084 Words Nov 8th, 2015 null Page
As a person who likes to read printed books, I would like to argue that printed books are no longer necessary in this digital era as all writing can be stored electronically. As time goes by, we are getting used to a fast-paced life with the frequent use of modern electronic products, so too as the way of reading. The e-book, short of the electronic book refers to books that are created and read through modern information technology and Internet technology, which has realized paperless reading and become more accessible to readers. The birth and thriving of e-books are an inevitable trend as the progress of Internet in this information era and so as the frequency use of e-book across the world. It arouses some concerns for me about whether the e-book will replace the printed books some day in the future and on what basis the traditional books can never be tossed out by normal readers; may reach to co-existent of the paper book and e-book. Though there are many opposite opinions I still believe that printed books should be kept for various reasons.
They are like my valuable friends of a long period in my life; when I was unhappy, I picked up a Mark Twain book to immerse myself in his humorous language and funny story. When I lost myself, I would read Benjamin Franklin’ books, who could teach me to see the world in a wise way. Books help me see the world in a reasonable way; they are indispensable to me. As far as I know, the earliest usage of a printed book can be traced…

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