How And Ways Of Police Brutality Essays

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How, Why, and How to Reduce it Police brutality is a growing problem in the United States, and it needs to be stopped. According to Chaney and Robertson (2013) “there were 5,986 reports of misconduct, 382 fatalities linked to misconduct (p. 485). Racism is the main reason behind police brutality, and this is causing concerns in many Americans. These concerns are valid because as Pierce (1986) states, many people who were victims of police brutality claimed that there was a racial factor involved (p. 52). Carter and Corra (2016) state that racial resentment determines how people look at the use of force by police (p. 501). The news media is reporting on cases of police brutality without all the facts and many times, they take the incident out of proportion. There is a fear of police in communities throughout the United States that is unhealthy for the community and for the police officers. Tamar Jacoby (1999) explains when police officers see the riots and everything that comes out of a dispute involving race, those police officers are less likely to perform their jobs to the fullest (p. 113). Police officers need to know they are safe before they can do their job and keep other people safe. Police brutality in the United States is a serious problem that in many cases is linked to racism; however, there are ways to reduce police brutality in America.
Incidents of police brutality involving racism Three cases of police brutality that involved racism include Rodney King,…

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