How Alexander Graham Bell Changed The World Essay

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How Alexander Graham Bell Changed the World Have you ever wondered who invented the magnificent telephone? Well, it was Alexander Graham Bell! He invented the telephone in the year of 1876 and from that point forward, the world of communication would be much more efficient. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland in the year of 1847. He was a teacher of the deaf. Bell is even listed as one of the founders of the National Geographic Society. Bell was also the inventor of many things. Overall, Alexander Graham Bell was a very intelligent man who taught the deaf, was a founder of the National Geographic Society, and an inventor of many things and these are just some the reasons why many sources strongly state that he has changed the world. First and foremost, Alexander Graham taught elocution. Elocution is the study of how to speak clearly and in a way that is effective and socially acceptable. as found in a Merriam-Webster dictionary. Both, Bell’s father and grandfather studied and taught elocution, as well. Bell had a passion for this sort of work. Growing up, his mother was deaf and that inspired him to find a way to better the world of communication. He achieved this by working at a school for the deaf, first. Then, by later inventing the forever prospering telephone. All in all, this simple inspiration is the basis of our technologically advanced world of communication. Also, he is listed as one of the founders of the National Geographic Society. All together, the…

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