Essay on How A Relationship Can Affect Your Education?

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A relationship can affect you in different ways. Im gonna state the most important ones. The ones especially affecting more than half of highschool students. Through breakups and all of the resons why you should pay more attention to your education. But also why and why not becasse in highschool its very important to some people.

From a Recent study it shows that 85% of the people who break up from a long-term relation ship meaning ( 1–5 years) Are graudually affected way more that people who are in short term relationships. But the study also reveals that one person is more affected than the other. It also states that the more affected person is affected in a evry day life situation. And so for a teen that would be and mean school. Because a teen aging from 14-18 are in a relationship or at least have been in one. A boy or a girl will be affected with this no matter how old or how stable.

People always say that girls are more affected than boys. Well through personal experience, that is wrong. I think the sadness and feeling non motivated is on mutual terms. Feeling non motivated can affect you in so many things like habits and sometimes

even the way you are. But being a high school student at John F. Kennedy it would affect a student a lot because if you slack off just for a class it would start to affect you. Teachers here are very good and expect a lot from you. So that being said if you feel non motivated then your gonna be in a big hole that you put yourself…

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