How A Police Officer Can Become A Bad Apple Essay

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In policing just as in any other organization there are people who do it for the right reasons,

and those who don’t. It is my personal opinion that ninety-nine percent of people that become

police officers do it for the right reasons, and truly want to help the community. Although the

majority of police officers are good willed, and want to help the community there are still what is

known by many as the “bad apples”. A police officer can become a “bad apple” in many ways,

either by temptations to steal money from a drug dealer that he or she just busted or by what is

known as Nobel cause corruption.

According to Michael A. Caldero and John P. Crank (2000) Nobel cause corruption is a term

used when explaining how a police officer with good intent in helping the community, and those

around him/her to live in a safe environment can be corrupted by his/her ethical ideology. This

means that a police officer that is corrupted by the Nobel cause corruption will utilize unethical

means, and even illegal means to accomplish his or her goals (Crank, J et al., 2000). In other

words Nobel cause corruption can be explained as having such a strong ethics in what you

believe to be right that you are willing to do anything, even if it goes against the law or is

unethical in order o accomplish your goal.

In todays society the possibility of a police officer being corrupted by Nobel cause corruption

still exist, and it will always exist. Society…

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