Essay about How 9/11 Changed the World

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How 9/11 Changed the World

The first major change that took place after 9/11 was more security was created. For example, the screening that happens now wasn’t as intense as it is now. It seems as if you are stripped from everything before entering the security screening process. Prior to September 11, 2001 you only had to show you’re identification card. You were even allowed to carry on knives and scissors. Although I do not remember this because I was only 4 years old, but my mother told me that only a curtain was used to separate the area of passengers from the pilot. Now, at every checkpoint you are asked to show you’re identification. We could board the planes without removing clothing, shoes or belts, but now you have
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Thinking back to one of my favorite political figures that was Muslim and that is Malcolm X. He was a big revolutionary figure during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. He also took what he learned about Islam in Hajj to create opinions regarding racial equality and put forward those values to Americans. What he was trying to get America to understand about the Islamic religion is that race is not a factor and that equality, justice, peace, and civic duty is very important. However, it seems that the news coverage that is displayed on television presents Muslims and Middle Easterners in a negative light with few positive images and this alone will cause Americans to view them negatively and still leave room for doubt.
Osama Bin Laden made a tremendous impact on the United States no doubt. The many deaths and all the devastation he caused led the nation to spend more than a trillion dollars that launched a homeland security. The Department of Homeland Security has made it their mission to protect the United States from terrorism. In doing so, they have strengthened our homeland security to defend against reoccurring terrorist threats. The government is tapping into information that companies collect on customers such as your, airline tickets, emails, and cellphones allow to record every move you make. Americans prepared themselves to give up a little privacy and liberty so that the

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