Essay on Hot Summer Heat

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In that hot Summer heat, I could not help but feel the need to find sanctuary in the local café. The blistering heat had hit an all-time high of 100 degrees. Once I walked into the family ran café I could feel the laid back atmosphere that had been exuded from the store. The lights were dimmed, so it would ensure an easy adjustment on one’s eyes after walking in the blinding suns beams. I took a seat at one of closest tables to the barista the table was made of a rich dark mahogany and the seat was a comforting fit on one’s backside. The aroma was as if I was taken to another universe, the coffee scent allured me straight into the line. The café itself gave off a homey like feeling. The feeling made you feel welcomed. As if you were a regular customer although, it was my first time. You could hear the grinding of the dark roasted Arabica beans with each turn of the handle rhythmically rotating sound so deafening, yet gentle made it an odd combination on one’s ears. As I reached for the marble colored cup, the moment my fingers wrapped around it to pick it up they jerked back immediately. I had made the foolish move of thinking that the cup would not be scolding hot on my hands. The coffee itself was a sight to see. The darkness of the liquid in contrast to the white marble cup. Although, as interesting as it was to see the dark coffee conflict with the white cup, I added milk into my coffee causing it to change from an almost void black to a warm light brown. I took a sip of…

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