Essay about Hope As A Desire By Expectation

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When hope comes to your mind what do you think of? When I think of hope I think of someone in despair and anguish just trying to hold on, or a young adult struggling to cope with the challenges that they are facing in their new strenuous adult lifestyle. For example, an adolescent teenage boy whose bullied and ridiculed everyday he goes school, or an army wife praying and hoping that her life partner will come home through the front door and not through a casket. In the ruthless and unforgiving times in these peoples life’s, sometimes hope is the only thing some people have left.
Hope, if somebody asks you to describe it, is a very sketchy task. Webster’s Dictionary describes hope as “A desire accompanied by expectation”. The meaning of the word hope when you actually look into it is kina ironic because if you are expecting something you think it’s going to happen, which contradicts the synonyms hope is associated with. If you look further into the first word “desire” it’s described as a “strong feeling or wanting”. If you diagnose both of those words together you’ll find that a feeling of hope is one of the strongest feelings in the world and also proving that hope is the “last string” before you give up on everything. Also, hope in my opinion, hope is the most important thing you can hold on to (besides your family) that you can have in a troubling moment. Now back to my original question, when hear the word “hope” what comes to mind? Do you think of memories of happiness…

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