Honeymoon Vacation Analysis

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Best Honeymoon Destinations | Best Vacation Spots

Got married, congratulations!Planning a honeymoon vacation? Wondering how to choose the perfect destination?Honeymoon vacations as you imagined it: white sands, turquoise sea and coconut trees. Snorkeling among coral, visiting nature reserves, pristine landscapes, sunsets, sunrises … and romance.Honeymoon vacation of a lifetime exotic beaches of Hawaii, through the white sands of the Maldives to the jungles of Sri Lanka … You just select your Honeymoon from the best honeymoon destinations list. So what are the best Honeymoon destinations for you?Do you want to go to one of the Most beautiful Cities in the World for your honeymoon?or maybe to one of the dreamy beaches ? we have all the
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Most of the islands are relatively small and easy to walk all around them with no more than an hour. Luxury hotels are located, each hotel on one whole island! Quite naturally, all the islands are surrounded by coral reefs which are driven waves and winds from reaching threaten and harm them. But outside the lagoon, it’s a whole different story , this is the playground of the elite surfers from all around the world who come to catch waves.

Paradise is here … If your idea of paradise is a tropical island with white pure beaches, coconut palm trees that cast a shadow cool and clear water in different shades of blue and turquoise, then the Maldives are your next destination!

It is not surprising that most of the tourists visiting the Maldives archipelago has been visited at least once before – after the first visit, visitors captivated by the Maldives and feel the need to visit again. Very hard to not fall in love with the uniqueness of the place:combines relaxation and a feeling of life on a desert island, extreme water sports, beaches looked like they came out of a postcard, and spa treatment facilities which combines elegance luxurious with most advanced modern
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Yet a vacation on the island of Santorini is not for everyone , the difference between Santorini to Rhodes or Kos or even Crete is a substantial difference. Santorini is characterized by black beaches originating in volcanic island’s past and present, If you love beaches with black sand composed of small stones and crystal clear waters , Santorini is the perfect place for you.Along the shores of Santorini are charming villages right on the beach with charming boutique hotels , restaurants and bars on the beach. Also there is a beautiful view of the mountains from all directions.The most recommended vacation places on the beaches of Santorini are: the layout, Kamari , Frbolos

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