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Have you ever dreamed of staying in a house in the middle of the sea, waking up to a salty breeze and the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore? The Maldives - where you can experience yourself what a true paradise feels like, should be put on your bucket list right now. The Maldives is an island country which consists of 1192 coralline islands positioned in the Indian Ocean (Shakeela, 2015). Despite being the smallest country in Asia, its unique location encompassed with beautiful, crystal-clear beaches is what makes the Maldives so special. Beside all of those reasons, it is the exceptionally beautiful landscape, the entertainment of water sports and a unique culture that makes Maldives such a famous tourist attraction.

The Maldives
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One of the most famous and new water sports that people usually participate in is water jetpacking. This water sport can give you a feeling of being a superhero emerging from the sea, rising to grasp the whole superb view of the Maldives. Many resorts are offering full access to this trending sport session like Amilla Fushi and Four Seasons resort. Each session will include a brief orientation ashore and after a few minutes of training, everyone should be able to lift themselves up into the air and have the experience of a lifetime flying. Basically, a water jetpack will be attached to your back or feet, water would be forced under pressure coming from nozzles underneath the jetpack that allows the rider to fly up into the air or even dive down the water. Beside the water jetpack, the Maldives is also a favorite destination of wave hunters. Surfing season in the Maldives between March and October attracts surfers around the world to come and challenge themselves. Affected by the southwest monsoon, this season is often wet and rainy which brings many desirable, great billows. This is why international surfing events and competitions are often held in Maldives. Especially, Asian Surfing Championship held in Maldives in 2014 affirmed the attraction of Maldives beach to surfers around the world. Notice this strength, Maldives now provide resorts especially for surfers in the North Malé Atolls, where some of the most popular surf spots are found. Water jetpack and surfing in Maldives are highly recommended for someone who is looking for a new sport to throw themselves in water this

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