Honesty, Trust, Truth Are Simple Words?

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Honesty, Trust, Truth are simple words but are complicated issues to deal with. We face them in our daily lives and find it difficult to handle them. As a parent, the most stressful and difficult thing is to decide, whether the child should be told the truth or not. Parents find it a problem to decide whether telling the truth will be helpful or harmful. Parents face the problem of openness and they have to think hard how much truth they can share with their child. The truth if not told in the right manner and if not understood well may destroy relationships. But all depends on the aim of telling or hiding the truth.
Parents have this inhibition that if they will tell the truth to their children, he/she may get hurt or angry. It is a big challenge for the parents to make the children understand the situation and give them motivation to face the truth. Parents sometimes feel that by hiding facts, by telling lies, they protect the innocence of the children and avoid unnecessary hurt and annoyance. Let us say, if a young child keeps on saying of buying toys daily, the parents find it easier to tell some silly lie to avoid crying and shouting by the child and try to divert
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Also incomplete information in the mind of the child promotes irrelevant thinking and fantasizing, which is wrong in the long run for the child. Let me quote one example here, a couple who has decided to separate, conceals this information from the child who is the worst impacted party. But the child senses, and asks questions for which he/she is not told the facts; or will be told the lies. Ultimately the child is going to know the facts, so why not make him aware at the right time, at the proper place. Let him face the facts and realize the situation. The important thing is to help him handle situation and build trust, so that he become responsible and analyze/comprehend things and situations

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