Homosexuality : Sexual And Or Emotional Appeal For Members Of The Same Sex

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Homosexuality mainly refers to sexual and/or emotional appeal to members of the same sex. Homosexuality is contemplated to be a sexual orientation along with heterosexuality, or attraction to members of the opposite sex. Also, the potential for attraction to members of both sexes. In addition to attracting, sexual orientation may also refer to the practice of sexual relations with members of the desired sex. The term homosexuality is a relatively recent Western creation. Western views of homosexuality have had an influence on the ways in which anthropologists and other scientists have studied the topic. Changing societal attitudes in the past century have enabled a more in-depth research on homosexuality. This study, in turn, has shaped social changes. Cross-culturally, there are diverse ways in which people distinguish their attraction to members of the same sex or engage in sexual relations with them. In many cases, same-sex relations exist in addition to opposite-sex relations. Its existence is considered natural or tolerable in some cultural areas, and in some cases, unions between members of the same sex are legally or socially recognized. In other places, this is considered unnatural and is prohibited, sometimes to the extent that individuals thought to have transgressed this taboo are extremely punished by imprisonment or death. The goal is to recollect what kinds of variations in homosexual behavior occur between societies, and to establish…

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