Essay about Homosexuality Inu.s Advertising And Marketplace

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Homosexuality in U.S Advertising and Marketplace
The LGBT community consists of a population of 18.5 million, where they total an annual income of $514 billion in the United States.14 This suggests that LGBT consumers have a significantly high purchasing power. Despite this fact, the LGBT market is undervalued and unexplored market niche.14 Many companies are afraid of including LGBT people and themes in their advertisements due to the negative repercussions that can derive from society‚Äôs perception on homosexuality.1 However, there are companies that advertise LGBT people and themes such as gay marriage however are penalized when doing so. Some of these companies include JC Penny and Target.10 The question that arises is, what or who has prompted this penalization, and how does this influence companies who are for legitimizing LGBT people in their advertisements to go against their own beliefs.1 Throughout my study of the current U.S market, societal pressures and construction of homosexuality as a deviant identity to the heterosexual norm, imposed by political and religious institutions, influence companies and consumers to go against the legitimization of LGBT people in the marketplace.9 Companies are afraid of their brand image being a symbol in which is counteractive to heterosexual norms in society. Thus, the only way to counteract this notion, it is imperative for companies to challenge institutions that categorize people of the LGBT…

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