Homo Sapiens For Gay Marriage Rights Essay

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Homo sapiens For Homosexual Marriage/Rights
I. Introduction-
A. General idea: Marriage equality and other rights should be granted to the LGBT community for cultural, social, political, and economic equality.
1. Hook
a) Anecdote- http://www.freedomtomarry.org/blog/entry/watch-u.s.-marine-captain-and-his-fiance-speak-out-on-how-doma-hurts Article about a Marine Corps Captain about his upcoming marriage to his partner and how the country he serves does not respect his relationship/lifestyle.
2. Topic Sentence- Marriage equality and other rights are often neglected for the LGBT community, but should be granted. B. Sub-point 1-Gay marriage
1. Narrowed topic: Gay marriage legalization
2. Thoughts and ideas about topic- it should
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However, it would not be fair to exclude the viewpoints of those who still actively hinder the progression of gay marriage.
IV. Sub-topic 1 (antithesis)
A. Some believe homosexual marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage, which is supposed to be between one man and one woman for religious reasons.
B. Insert quote here about gay marriage from a different political perspective.
C. Insert connection here between that and the sanctity of marriage/other reasons.
1. Explain how it hinders original thesis
2. Pros/cons
D. On the contrary, homosexual marriage by itself does not ruin the sanctity of marriage.
V. Sub-topic 1 (synthesis)
A. Marriage is a legal process and not inherently religious. Though it may be a religious experience for some people, it is not one for all and not everybody abides by the exact same religion. Other sins against marriage should also be considered when one discusses the sanctity of marriage like divorce, pre-marital sex, and adultery.
B. Quote about marriage being a legal process and other factors of “the sanctity of marriage.”
1. Insert quote here
C. Connection between quote and main idea
D. In conclusion, gay marriage should be legal because it is needed for achieving equality and marriage is a legal
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Gay marriage is viewed as a perversion against the sanctity of marriage by some and discrimination is viewed through a nonchalant lens because they view homosexuality as unnatural and therefore, “disgusting”.
C. Many other sins could also factor into the corruption of the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is also not religious in and of itself even though it is a religious bond for many. Homosexuality is not “unnatural” (will discuss further later as sub-point 3) and even though personal prejudices are acceptable because of cultural/societal norms, discrimination is not excusable because one can control themself from acting on it.
D. This topic is important because of how relevant gay marriage is in the media and how the treatment of the LGBT community has improved over the past few years. As we progress into the future, society is probably going to continue to grow even more tolerant of others that are different than the “average person”. This is a good thing and people are definitely allowed to disagree with gay marriage/homosexuality in general, but that should not stop a certain group from being granted the same rights as everybody

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