Homily Of F. James Donelan Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Pre-Reading: First, I previewed the material I was going to read. I skimmed and scanned through the piece just so I could first get a feel of what the text implies. I skipped through the whole text to read just the important parts. I didn’t try to think hard while reading so that I could first get a grasp of what the text wants to say in a broader view. Lastly, I tried to understand certain keywords that Fr. James Donelan used to give meaning to the text. 2). While Reading: First, I read the text to comprehend. In this strategy, instead of skimming and scanning, I actually read the whole text word per word. I did my best to understand every word in the text so that I would understand what the piece really means. Lastly, I connected the text with my own experiences for me to relate to the text. Once I connected my experiences with the text, this is the time I felt that I could rely on this text not only with my past experiences, but also to the experiences I have yet to face. This helped me to use the text as a pedal to change my ways and it opened me to the beauty of waiting. 3). Post Reading: First, I did some note taking so that I have a guide to write my media log. I jotted down the accentuated ideas the text unraveled. With the notes that I have written, I didn’t have a hard time anymore on what to say in my media log. Second, I made some generalizations about the text. I tried to look at the text in a wider view so that I could absorb everything. Lastly and most importantly, I reflected on the whole text. It made me think on why and how it communicated with me and what certain sentences and words conveys to me the

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