Homework Questions And Questions On The Iu Money Smarts Presentation

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Homework Questions
Please include questions and answers for this week’s discussion post. Reminder: COMPLETE responses required (2-3 sentences minimum). As always, bold questions and respond in plain text underneath.

1. Write one paragraph of things you thought was the most helpful from the IU Money Smarts presentation. Be sure to provide DETAILS and CLARITY. (If you were absent, please write “I was absent”.)

The most helpful thing from the IU Money Smarts presentation is that I know there is a Office of Financial Literacy can assist students in making informed financial decisions before, during, and after college. I learn about that the office offers the educational workshops; individual student meetings, presentations, resources, and other tools it provides from experts contribute to the overall health and wellness of the IU community and assist in my financial decision-making. It is helpful for me to manage my financial pressure.

2. How do you think money can be used to try to deal with emotions like loneliness or as a way to feel more powerful?

I think that money can be used to try deal with emotions like loneliness through buying goods. This is because when people feel stressful or lonely, so they need to release this negative feelings and pressure at this time. Thus, they will choose to buy various commodities, such as snacks, beverages, cosmetics, and clothes.

3. Can you identify times when you used money to deal with your emotional needs? What are ways other…

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