Homework Assignment : Personal Bargaining Inventory Questionnaire

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Homework Assignment Week - 1
The homework assignment for this week required students to complete the Personal Bargaining Inventory Questionnaire Part I and II in order for each student to gain an understanding of their strength and weaknesses as a negotiator. After completing the questionnaire students should gain a thorough understanding of whether or not they are communicating effectively when negotiating. Also, the questionnaire will highlight one’s strength and weaknesses; which gives a student a starting point on the areas that needs attention. In addition, to highlighting areas that needs work, a student will also be able to determine which characteristics works best with either integrative or distributive bargaining negotiations.
How the statements you chose from Part I reflect your self-image as a negotiator. In regard to this author’s self-image, the perceptions the questionnaire concludes that the author has high self-esteem, courage to stand up for their convictions and beliefs, displays confidence and no matter the consequences will always hold herself to a higher standard in regard to ethical dilemmas. The above description leads this author to believe that regardless of whether they win or lose in negotiations, they will always adhere to what is right or wrong when debating during negotiations.
Are they indicative of what your strength or weaknesses are as a negotiator? Why or Why not?
Based on the 8 statements chosen for this assignment, the author…

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