Homestuck Analysis

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Let me tell you about Homestuck

“Homestuck; The tale of a boy and his friends and the game they play together.” Is the official summary of the webcomic Homestuck as said by its creator, Andrew Hussie. Just this explanation of the comic, while accurate is barely enough information for a new reader. The comic consisting of now over 9,000 pages, has intense plots, multiple climaxes and over 165 characters. In Homestuck one is able to empathize with fictional characters, fall in love with stories, plots and characters; so grab the popcorn, and “Let me tell you about Homestuck”. Fictional characters can provoke emotions from people, when reading a tragic story, we may cry when our favorite characters die. When a character falls in love in a novel,
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The characters are extremely relatable, Hussie makes sure to make the plot realistic, bringing issues in such as racism, Social class issues, Gender and sexual identities as well as mental/physical disabilities. With these plot lines and characters, it brings a realistic vibe. People are able to empathize with the characters. The characters in Homestuck are extremely relatable. From nerdy, paralyzed, self esteem issued trolls, to the coolest kid with an abusive past and rapper, you can relate to them and even fall in love with the way the characters …show more content…
Or more about a boy playing a game. John Egbert as mentioned above, plays a game with his friends, Jade, Dave and Rose. In the game, they suffer extreme consequences as the game, SBURB ends the entire world!! It causes meteors, death and loss of guardians and the entire race. But as they play, they slowly enter a game in which they 're trapped in. When they play they 're the actual player, they 're the ones that can die. No longer a ‘game’ for them, the kids , only thirteen, (aging up till 16 in act 6) are playing to win back their universe, to replenish the world and hopefully save themselves and their friends they meet along the adventure. Homestuck deals with modern day issues and highlights diversity. The main characters of Homestuck, The beta kids are all given ‘clear’ skin, so your able to choose what they look like, weather they 're caucasian, african american or whatever you invasion them as. The art is honestly not the best at times, but in the comic you watch it grow and become absolutely astonishing at points to lazy doodles on Microsoft paint. The fans of Homestuck are extremely large, crazy devoted and, probably the legit weirdest fandom from the outside. When your in the fandom it’s still

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