Homeschooling Essay

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Joann Ferrell
APRIL 6, 2014


What do these people have in common? Serena/Venus Williams, Alex Haley, Agatha Christie and four judges on the United States Supreme Court---they have been homeschooled. The National Home Education Research Institute is an organization who does research in homeschooling. A according to the research between 2007 and 2008 there were 2 million children in homeschool. It is said that the growth in homeschooling is at the rate of 5-12 percent annually, of those numbers 15 percent are nonwhite. It is also reported that homeschoolers have a higher standardized test scores by at least 25-30 percent compare to their peers. The fact
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4). What about the student who may have a special need or a chronic issues? This is where the public education and home schooling are different on handling a medical issues. A child with ongoing therapy or medical appointments have a few advantages in home schooling rather than public. Homeschooling the parent can work therapy and school around each other. Homeschool lessons are not missed and child receives services they need, no lessons missed because therapy and other services are schedule before or after class. The substantial benefit to the child would be the child does not feel behind or playing catch up with his/her peers. Public school a student has to stay in class until they are needed for services. Therapy comes and the student is removed from class, class does not halt until the child comes back. The child misses lessons, but is still accountable to learn what was missed. Distractions in the public school room has become chronic, which can make it a challenge for any child to stay focus in the classroom. Home schooling offer more of a parent control environment compare to the public school. Technology has come up with tools that gives the student a multi learning experience inside the classroom. At the same time, students with different learning

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