Homeschooling Vs. Homeschooling : An Argument Against Homeschooling

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To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool
Although a fairly old system, the reemergence of homeschooling in the era of public schools has been controversial. Patricia Lines, an education scholar, describes homeschooling in the abstract for her article Homeschooling Comes of Age, as “one of the most significant social trends of the past half century.” The practice of parents teaching their own children has sparked debate over its effectiveness and the quality of the students it produces. Roy Lechtrek, in The Case for Homeschooling, and Lines argue in favour of homeschooling while Benjamin Gorman, in An Argument Against Homeschooling, considers it a poor educational system. The differences between them emerge from their agreement on fundamental principles of education. Disagreement is over the execution of these principles and so the common ground is often implied through their ideas of the best practical mode of education. Common ground is present both between the advocates of homeschooling themselves and the opponent. Ultimately, all three authors believe that children need to be educated in the way that best provides them with a wholistic and rounded knowledge of the world.
Lines argues that homeschooling is a viable alternative to traditional schooling, citing evidence from studies on homeschoolers’ academic achievements and their involvement in society. Her article examines the different reasons parents have for homeschooling their children and the prevalence of these reasons.…

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