Homeschooling Is A Topic Of Much Controversy Essay

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Homeschooling has been a topic of much controversy. It has attracted the attention of media, psychologists, writers, bloggers, teachers and parents. Attention which is not always positive. Research has shown that there are many parents who consider homeschooling to be a better op-tion than public school. Homeschooling is favorable for the parents who have a strong opinion about their child’s religious beliefs and unique learning needs. Homeschooling may be concern-ing to the parents that believe public schools are providing the child with a balanced and struc-tured curriculum, that will benefit the child and allow their social development to progress. Inter-acting with peers that offer different backgrounds and behaviors could be of benefit to them. Meanwhile, there are the parents that believe that by preventing their child to be exposed to peer pressure, bullying will be of benefit to their child’s future. We will address the different opinions and misconceptions that fall into the category of homeschooling. Regardless of the choice that is made, parents need to make sure that they are making the decisions that will benefit their families the most for their specific needs.

Many parents find themselves making decisions that will have an impact in their child 's life whether it’s negative or positive. One of those difficult decisions parents find themselves with, is whether to homeschool their child or enroll them into public education.…

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