Homeschooling Argumentative Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Will you find this in public education or homeschooling? When I was reading the article by Katie Murphy my reaction was laughter. Katie stated, “Hard, wooden desks in public school are designed for one purpose---to keep students uncomfortable and to stay awake. Now the reason behind the sore behind has been put out there. Eight hours is a long time for any student whether they have a learning disability or not. Some students need to move around, stand, or maybe a student need to sit on the floor. This can be disruptive to other students as well as the teacher in the public classroom. Homeschool offers the way and means to accommodate individuals who may need a little bit more in the way of comfort. Along with comfort, there is a concern for safety. Bullying is still alive and well even today. Lack of understanding gives way to children who can be cruel to their peers. The public teacher can’t be everywhere all the time. The public school student may not feel safe to come to anyone in authority with what maybe an on-going threat. Today with cyber bullying on the increase, it makes one wonder where does education come in at. Homeschool students do not have to put up with any kind of stigma, at least not face to face. Home educator can better monitor their homeschooler and the Internet, as well as the children they may or may not associate with outside the

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