Homeschooling A Child Is The Best Education Essay

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Homeschooling a child is the best education that can be given to them. Home education is where parents teach their children at home and have the option of using one curriculum or a combination of several curriculums. Whichever curriculum best fits the family’s schedule and the child’s learning style. It can be very personalized for each child’s needs, whether it is a strength or a weakness.
When someone hears that a family is homeschooling, many thoughts begin to run through their head. Questions begin to arise. What about socialization? What will you use for a curriculum? These are some of the many questions a homeschooling parent may be asked.
When a parent builds their own curriculum, they are able to tailor it to their child or children’s learning style. The child is then able to work at their own pace. If they understand the topic, then they are able to quickly work through the materials and move on to the next subject. Whereas, in public school, the curriculum is all prechosen, one size fits all. The child may end up waiting for the rest of their class mates to get done with the assigned schoolwork in order to move on to the next topic. The homeschooled child also has the ability to move ahead in their grade or subjects. They often have the ability to complete their schooling early.
It is frequently said, “homeschoolers don’t get socialization,” or their asked the question, “what about socialization?” Homeschoolers get to socialize with people of all…

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