Essay about Homelessness Is A Worldwide Problem

1684 Words Jan 19th, 2016 null Page
The world has so many problems that seem unrealistic to fix; poverty, bullying, terrorism, global warming... it’s overwhelming. Most people believe that homelessness is one of those unfixable problems, but they are wrong. Yes homelessness is a worldwide problem, but there is a solution. The solution to homelessness is to put the homeless people in homes. The U.S. is more than capable of fixing homelessness. Thousands of Americans go to bed every night without a roof over their heads. Children asking their parents every night why they don’t have a home. Thousands of Americans feeling like the outcasts of society stuck in the endless cycle of not being able to support themselves on their own, causing depression and making addicts and criminals out of people who were most likely victims of bad luck. It could happen to anyone. That is why we need to help these people by giving them a fresh new start with their own home. More specifically, the hundreds of thousands of foreclosed homes in America could be used for this exact purpose. Thus, chronic homelessness in the United States could be solved by putting homeless people in the many empty homes across the United States.

A program has been in the process of putting the thousands of American homeless people in the even greater number of foreclosed homes across the U.S.. The Housing First Program has been solving homelessness in several states throughout the U.S. for years. By giving out grants and donating money…

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