Homelessness And The Multifaceted Aspects Of Homelessness Essay

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Homelessness in the United States is an important issue that in the past has been under studied. The homeless in the United States face the monumental problem of increased hostility from local governments and business owners who see the homeless as economic burdens. Homeless people also have the problem of not being able to meet basic needs. This paper explores the geography of homelessness and the multifaceted aspects that contribute to homeless.
There is an estimated 2.3-3.5 million people who experience homelessness each year. A person is deemed homeless if they do not have a regular place to sleep at night (“How Many People Experience Homelessness”). The term homelessness itself is misleading. Homeless is not always as simple as a person lacking a roof over their head. What was once viewed as a “tragic and temporary aberration” is no longer true (Rollinson, Paul A). Today, homelessness is not considered temporary or rare. More than thirty percent of those who are homeless also have a mental health history (“Current Statistics on the prevalence and Characteristics of people experiencing homelessness in the United States”). The Untied State has not always had homelessness to the extent it is now. The battle with homelessness started when mental health hospitals were de-institutionalized and when the Federal Government gave the responsibility of public housing to the states. When this happened, the majority of states did not have a plan on what to…

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