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Home Depot’s Professional Development Plan
Amber Harvey, Callisha Flack, Deisha Moore,
Kelsey Ellis, & TC Scott
June 06, 2016
Patricia Morgan

Home Depot’s Professional Development Plan
From an early age, most of us are taught that practice makes perfect. It is the beginning of our training for success that follows us into our formative and informative years. In addition to practice and training, we are also guided to plan, both proactively and reactively. Together these two tasks have the potential to create greatness. The same concept applies to organizations in the world of business. Today’s workplace demands employees to be skilled in performing complicated tasks in a safe, efficient, cost effective manner.
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Training programs that help employees will give them the opportunity to gain knowledge that could be applied in any department of the company.
Delivery Method
Different delivery methods are better at achieving certain learning objectives. Sometimes it is most effective to combine different types of training to achieve the delivery method that is most appropriate for the identified objectives (Simmering, 2016). The traditional instructor-led method of oral lecture is best used to present information. It is used to create understanding of a topic and to influence attitudes related to the topic (Noe, 2013). Virtual reality (VR) training is an advanced form of computer simulation, placing the trainee in a simulated environment that is “virtually” the same as the physical environment. The trainee learns by interacting with objects in the electronic environment to achieve the same goal as on-site training (Noe, 2013). VR training also allows the trainee to review and test the skills learned on an on-going basis.
Home Depot needs to incorporate a delivery method that will allow them to train all employees in the Customer F.I.R.S.T training. It is recommended that the organization use both Traditional Training and Technology based training methods. The Traditional Training will allow the organization to initially train all the employees on the topic and expectation of the Customer F.I.R.S.T program. The method of use will be an instructor-led oral

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