Home Away From Home Essay

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Home Away from Home 16 candles on the cake this year. 15 candles last year. Each year celebrated with the same family members hovering over the same kitchen table in the same beach house as every year before. Countless first-times recorded here, starting off rather simple at younger ages: first time riding a bike without training wheels, first time learning how to swim, first time going to the beach and experiencing the ocean, first time getting your food stolen by a seagull on the beach. However, as time progressed, me, my cousin’s, and sister’s ages were not the only thing that changed: first time not having a sibling there to celebrate my birthday since they were off in college, first time sitting on the beach with your friends rather than your parents, first time spending more time getting ready to go to the boardwalk instead of actually enjoying the time there.
The famous “pack a bag, we will be gone for the weekend” said by my father meant the same thing every time: Mommom’s beach house. The uncomfortable 2 hour car ride spent bickering with my sister in the backseat of the Honda CRV was totally worth it by the time the weekend was over. Weekends filled of laughter from my cousins, salty ocean air, crisp tanlines, and unforgettable memories. It was everyone’s escape.

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Escape and vacation from the reality of the world, where your problems did not seem like the the end of the world anymore. Once stepping foot…

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