Analytical View Of Holistic Healthcare

Holistic Healthcare
The humans are complex beings in mind, body and soul. Each person has their own unique qualities and every person has their own quirks to them and should be treated that way. Doctors should not care for their patients as a walking disease; they are a human being and should be regarded as such. A patient could be anxious about their prognosis, a patient could be an illegal immigrant, reluctant about going to a doctor and a patient could be distressed about the cost healthcare because they do not have insurance; a doctor shouldn’t ignore a fellow human’s concern. Doctors should be empathic and understanding of a patient and holistic approach is the best course of action to ensure that the patient is receiving the best care.
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Both states of health are dependent upon each other; one who is mentally sick would be less likely to lead a healthy, physical lifestyle thus causing the physical state to become ill. A holistic view of health would guarantee that both states are being treated in order to maintain full health and to function properly. An analytical view may allow for a doctor to see that a patient with migraines may be experiencing stress while a holistic view may allow for a doctor to deduce stress and find the underlining cause of it. A holistic view within the United States would allow for doctors to see the bigger portrait of the patient instead of the small corner that an analytical view allows and thus allows for better treatment for both the mental and physical …show more content…
Although there are forms of care that each medical professional prefers, one of the best forms of care would be a holistic approach. Caregivers who uses a holistic perspective understands that their patience are more than the disease, the issue and the distress that they are presented; they are physical human beings with a mind, with a conscience, and with emotions that also make them physiologically human as well. Doctors that uses a holistic approach are able to understand their patients better and form better, working bonds with them. They are able to find underlining issues within patients and are able to treat for both their physical issues but also their mental issues. Simply put, doctors that use a holistic approach are more likely to empathize with their patience and be more caring as a person. The healthcare industry as a whole needs medicine to favor holistic perspective of health over an analytical view for the best interest of their patients. There are many benefits to holistic

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