Essay about Holistic And Holistic Health Care

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Holistic Healthcare
The humans are complex beings in mind, body and soul. Each person has their own unique qualities and every person has their own quirks to them and should be treated that way. Doctors should not care for their patients as a walking disease; they are a human being and should be regarded as such. A patient could be anxious about their prognosis, a patient could be an illegal immigrant, reluctant about going to a doctor and a patient could be distressed about the cost healthcare because they do not have insurance; a doctor shouldn’t ignore a fellow human’s concern. Doctors should be empathic and understanding of a patient and holistic approach is the best course of action to ensure that the patient is receiving the best care. Holistic treatment could improve health care within the United States substantially.
A holistic perspective is a form of healthcare that views patients as whole beings, in mind, body and spirit. Doctors who use this method are more likely to be excellent at patient care and are more likely to provide proper care for a patient’s entire entity apart from the physical aspects. Mental health and physical health must work together seamlessly should be in harmony with each other. Each component of a person would be cared for and the strength between doctor and patient relations would be stronger comparative to other methods which should be one of the most significant factors in healthcare apart from the patient themselves and is what…

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