Hofstede's five dimensions of cultural differences Essay example

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1. What are Hofstede's five dimensions of cultural differences that affect work attitudes? Using these dimensions describe the United States. 1.1 Individualism vs. Collectivism, the individuals believe they should make their own choices and be responsible for them, they are concerned about losing their social frames, in contrast the collectivism involves the loyalty and group thinking in order to create hormonal work process. The individualism encourages individual achievements, as collectivism enhance the impotency of equity. 1.2 High power distance vs. Low power distance: Some countries use high power distance clarify who the boss is and that they possess the power to make decision, they have more privileges then the employees. …show more content…
3. What are the potential benefits and problems of diversity?
Diversity can be beneficial for the workplace but also can cause some problems. The benefits include: attracts and retains the best human talent through the use of various management skills. The diverse work environment can be beneficial for improving marketing efforts, as multicultural point of view discus marketing plans. The diversity could be valuable for the promotion of creativity and innovation, some companies use diversity in its best, by combining teams from different cultural background. As a consequence of diverse workplace that increase the experience, critical thinking and expertise within an organization and results in better problem solving and enhances organizational flexibility. On other hand, diversity enhances some challenges among an organization. Changes are usually considered as a threat; also managers need to understand that people feel better working with someone who is exactly like them rather than someone different, that is one of the problems, resistance of change. The second problem is lack of cohesiveness. Individuals who come from different background can face problems to become part of the group. Communication problems might occur, the lack of communication might lower the group effectiveness and in addition slowed decision making, which is another issue some

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