Hiv and Aids in the Black Community Essay

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Running head: HIV/AIDS in African Americans 1

November 15, 2012

Research, Definition, and Statement of HIV/AIDS
African-Americans are the ethnic group most affected by HIV/AIDS. Ironically african-americans represent 14% of the population of the United States , but represent 44% across the gender line. African-american men represent 70% of HIV infections among the ethnic group, however african-american women are also highly at risk of HIV infection. Indeed they have a rate of infection that is 15 times greater than the rate for caucasion women (HIV among African-Americans, 2012). Most African-american women (85%) are infected with HIV through heterosexual sex, often with partners, who claim to be
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Thus, HIV prevention should educate African-american women about the high rate of HIV infection among them , as well as their male counterparts. Such public awareness will help change their attitude.
Potential positive outcomes include greater awareness about the threat of infection , and greater awareness about the likely cause of infection, thus the adoption of safe sex practices by African-american women,(condom use). Potential negative side effects include skepticism by African-american women that some of their partners might be engaged in homosexual activity, leading to resistance to engage in safe sex. This might lead to decreased sense of urgency about the need to engage in safe sex and a lower rate of seafe sex practices among African-american women.
The second solution addresses the problem of access to condomss and HIV testing. This issue is primarily the result of higher than average rates of poverty in the African-american community. Condoms are relatively costly, and many lack insurance or other methods to pay for healthcare, including STD testing. Medicaid does not cover condoms. This solution seeks private funding pay for free condoms and STD tests for African-american men and women.
Potential positive outcomes include greater access to condoms and STD tests, which in turn will produce the result of greater use of the resources and lower rates of HIV/AIDS in

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